Responsive Redesign

Design & Development Strategy, User Research, UX/UI Design, Front-end Development, User Testing, Project Management.

Project findings

“Adaptation of the website to be device responsive, adhere to WCAG standards, improve search engine visibility and represent The Tax Institute brand.”

As a UX Designer / Developer I advocated the importance of a mobile optimized website and developed a proposal for it’s design, build and release under a short timeline with limited resources.

Quantitative Research

  • Company website visits
  • Mobile device trends 
  • Email marketing stats

Qualitative Research

  • On-site member interviews around their digital behaviour with The Tax Institute
  • On-site user testing with prototypes for changes to IA and layout.

Stakeholder engagement

Working closely with Stakeholders with a focus on moving quickly to enhance the pages that they owned for sign off. As part of this project there we’re no changes to content.