My town Enmore

Enmore NSW australia - Matt Hodkinson - Digital DesignerI do enjoy living in Enmore, Sydney. For me the place is inspiring and as creative a hub as I have lived in since Manchester and there’s always the feeling that something is happening. Something unusual and bizarre and eclectic. Among typefaces, artwork filled walls and buildings, there’s always something to distract from whatever it is you may be doing.

Tree houseArtwork everywhereColourSoon becomes tacitly unheardGraphic styleArtGraphicTraditional / Aboriginal artworkOld houses with characterTruckChurch - Enmore, SydneyAwesome houseKings St theatre. TypeDetailed spray paint artJohn Lennon quoteThe Enmore TheatreAboriginal flag artThey are the Best in the Inner WestThe house of funThe bridge view from the rocks